website planning and build

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  • from this course you can learn everything about website building in wordpress

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website planning and build

understanding the dashboard5:38
how to install theme and elemen…00:00:00
how to make job website com…00:00:00
how to make e-commerce web….16:48
how to make login registration..00:00:00
how to create menu00:00:00
how to register your websitein…00:00:00
what is google analytics00:00:00
hoe to integrate ssl in website00:00:00
how to secure your website00:00:00
how to transfer data one domain…00:00:00
how to make blogging website00:00:00
some points to remember bef…00:1:00
what is wordpress and how wor..00:00:00
how to choose free domain and..00:00:00
how to choose hosting and dom…00:00:00
how to create a sub domain00:00:00
setting up and installing wordpress..00:00:00

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